Safe-Link's Patent Pending technology is built into our products and services, which enables agencies to monitor for client safety and verification of staff's presence. Standard services allow monitoring and tracking of the care provided to clients, while more advanced services are offered for easy scheduling of staff, staff verification, reporting, and simplified billing integration.

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Safe-Link provides our customers with a customizable portal that allows the agency to have a real-time alert system in place 24/7. The Portal allows for two-way communication with the devices in the field at anytime, allowing the agencies to do 'on the spot' verifications of staff.

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Scheduling & Billing

Our Agency Administration portal allows agencies to perform scheduling of staff, manage clients and staff, and integrate the time tracking features with third party billing software. The portal allows the agencies to build customized reports and much more.

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Client Solution

Client solutions to combat fraud that we offer for the clients comes in a in-home solution which is a stationary device that resides in the clients home, or a mobility solution that comes in the form of a keyfob.

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Safe-Link offers mobility solutions for Agencies. Agencies can access the Real-Time monitoring Web Portal via their Smartphone (Android and Iphone), allowing agencies to utilize all the monitoring features while on the go. Agencies with clients that are not confined to the home can utilize our Keyfob solution allowing the same capabilities as our in-home solution.

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